Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trees and Hands

I have a simple observation to share: trees and hands are quite similar. Trees have a base and grow outwards, getting nutrients and hydration from their soil foundation. Hands also need a foundation, our bodies, to survive. Our fingers are outstretched and multifunctional-they can create, can mend, can hurt, can destroy. I find it to be interestingly parallel that with the passage of time, hands wrinkle, and trees' horizontal rings multiply. Like skin, their bark coats, protects, and weathers with the seasons. A wooden epidermis to complement a complex inside. Sitting here, baking in fluorescent light in this goddamn cubicle, I feel separate from the outside. From beyond my window, I can catch a glimpse of the trees and half-hidden sun in the horizon of my campus, and I feel so detached from it. But then again, it's parallels like my knobby fingers to those blacken branches soaked in winter, that remind me just how natural and organic, how connected, how one, we are.

PS, it's the 30th day of January, and, coincidentally, the 30th post created for ourbittle! I dont know what that means, but woo!
PPS, the photo above was intended to be upside down.

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