Friday, January 8, 2010


This is by far the most amazing magazine known to man. It's perfect for all the girls who love to dream and all the dreams that love girls. The photography is smoky and illusory and the fashion is what I want my closet to look like. If only I could put on a Chloe frock and drift away to dreamland...

The biggest bummer about Lula is that it only comes out in November and February. To prevent going through withdrawals, I have scoured every last link on the website and I recommend everyone do the same. It's just that good. Make sure you visit the lula scrapbook because there are some cool pics and interesting videos. Also, somewhere on the website is a video with Mirandajoy-- Sono molto figo! Now I am just talking to much about it when really I want you to go see for yourself!

Ps. February is only a month away-- hooray!

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