Friday, January 15, 2010

rabbits, and birds, and humans, oh my!

Kate MacDowell. Is. Rad.
I stumbledupon (dot com; its amazing!) Kate MacDowell, and fell in love instantly with her ceramic art creations. The fragile relationship she discovers between beauty and tragedy in the natural world is quite Georgia O'Keefe-esque, eh? Themes explored include life, death, and decay. She explains, "I'm trying to remind myself, and others, of feelings many of us had as children hunkered down on our bellies with the grass growing tall above our heads, pondering the world of the ants and inch-worms, or caught up in the tragedy of a dead sparrow on the sidewalk." Interestingly enough, she is inspired by figurative language and prefers to write her ideas in a sketchbook instead of to draw them. I love the way that the textures of bone, muscle, and skin come out in ceramic form. Genius! Each piece is created by hand, and done so delicately! For a more complete look at her work: {click here}

Noteworthy pieces: rabbit with exposed insides (seen above), human fetus in bird nest, arm turned to flowers.


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