Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Work of Art"

I don't think we've ever blogged about a TV show, but "Work of Art" is about art (duh), so it's relevant! It is like every other annoying reality show, but it focuses on art as a means of competition.. making it a little more interesting. There is the same breed of lame judges, the constantly dramatic time constraints, some random celeb affiliation (Sarah Jessica Parker in this case), and the ever-present line, "pack your (insert relevant tool name), you're going home." Sooooo, I just fast forward through the bulllsh** to watch the scenes showing the artists' creative processes and final products. The photos below are my favorite pieces from the first 3 episodes.. (It's kinda like sparknotes for TV)

Episode 1: Portraits
Abdi's portrait of Ryan
Miles's portrait of Nao
Jamie Lynn's portrait of Amanda
Episode 2: Appliance Junkyard --> conceptual sculptures
Abdi, "Tube"
Mark, "Dia de los Televisiones"
Episode 3: Book Cover Art
Mark, Dracula
John, The Time Machine
favorite artists thus far: Abdi, Mark, Miles, John

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spring/Summer is the new winter/fall.

Boo cold days and the dreary colors that seem to dress the shorting of days and the dropping of degrees. Since the summer solstice has officially passed, aka the pinnacle of the 2010 summer is behind us and the frigid closing months are ahead, everyone has their eyes glued to all the fall fashion runway shows. I love love love them all, but why is it some sort of rule that fall and winter have to be smothered in browns, blacks and grays? The weather may cause the sky to turn gray, but it sure doesn't have that control over our pants!

All of this is just part of the reason why I adore Rochas's 2010 Fall collection. To be honest it is mostly his 1969 inspiration that causes the tingle up my spine ( and yes, somehow clothes this cute get me so excited i get the chills!). The teased hair and light lips just scream out femininity! I love the exaggerated collars, comfy/ large jackets and slouchy elbow length gloves. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I love...

I love painting my nails with paint I used in first grade.

I love dancing in my car in traffic.

I love biking with headphones in... and singing out-loud all the while.

I love "hello i love you" texts.

I love catching eyes with a stranger when both people smile.

I love feeling the wind's resistance on my palm as I dangle it out the car window.

I love finding old notes from friends.

I love getting nervous about holding hands.

I love your hand in mine.

I love getting paint all over my arms and clothes.

I love bickering with love smothering each jab.

I love seeing people who love to see me.

I love watching kid's leap over cracks as though they are giant crevasses into the Earth's core.

I love watching you watch me as though neither of us can see the other.

I love cliche indie pop love songs, cause all is full of love.

I love peddling so hard that my heart bursts.

I love friendly strangers that you will never see again.

I love running into people I never think about but love.

I love to love.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Inspired by happy-go-lucky photog/blogger Color Me Katie,
I dug through some of my pictures to find a few snapshots that make me smile!

summer BBQ feasts
shopping for the perfect goldfish
pretty window reflections
big group hugs
sunrise in Israel
and camels making funny noises!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blitzen Trapper

the other night, i
--> went to Webster Hall
--> heard Blitzen Trapper
--> thought that they were amazing
--> and was extremely pleased with

i like their interesting, figurative lyrics and catchy tunes. not to mention raw talent as live performers. i think of BT as new-age 60's folk rock, or something of that sort.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stella is stelllllaaaaaa

Stella McCartney, you're amazing!
simple but oh so classy
LOVE the color (punchy red-orange?)
I dig the ruffles motif yeaaaaah
cute print
more girly florals/ruffles
dont know how that happened to the photo, but i like it!
cool print!


It must be time to go home