Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spring/Summer is the new winter/fall.

Boo cold days and the dreary colors that seem to dress the shorting of days and the dropping of degrees. Since the summer solstice has officially passed, aka the pinnacle of the 2010 summer is behind us and the frigid closing months are ahead, everyone has their eyes glued to all the fall fashion runway shows. I love love love them all, but why is it some sort of rule that fall and winter have to be smothered in browns, blacks and grays? The weather may cause the sky to turn gray, but it sure doesn't have that control over our pants!

All of this is just part of the reason why I adore Rochas's 2010 Fall collection. To be honest it is mostly his 1969 inspiration that causes the tingle up my spine ( and yes, somehow clothes this cute get me so excited i get the chills!). The teased hair and light lips just scream out femininity! I love the exaggerated collars, comfy/ large jackets and slouchy elbow length gloves. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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