Friday, February 26, 2010

Darkroom trance

"brooklyn sky"
"squirrel on wire"

silent thought. repetitive motions. addictive. meditative. delicate and precise. deliberate. self conscious and present, yet comfortably numb.
reaching for perfection. losing concept of time, yet so dependent on time.
separate world underground; basement.
[Light vs. Dark & Thought vs. Manifestation]

plenty more to come soon!

Metropol Parasol

Ahhh I neeeeeed to TRAVEL...
Welcome to Metropol Parasol
Coming Soon to Sevilla

What is it? A commercial center for vendors, farmers, ect. It also can be used as a concert venue. Oh and don't forget the cafe on top! It gives a glorious panoramic view of Sevilla.
Hello Spain, here I come!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoke School

I know this is quite an erratic post but when I learned about this place I could not resist sharing it with you all.
With California's increasingly liberal approach on marijuana in both the medical and recreational uses, a legal industry has started to develop. Along with any industry one expects a higher education to improve their probability of success in that field, so as surprising or expected as it may be, a Cannabis College has started to take root in California. Only founded in 1998, they have shown immense growth in their student body. Most of whom appear just as the man above, ungroomed and zealous to help in the gardens!
They were founded by a group called Oaksterdam (a mix on Oakland and Amsterdam for obvious reasons) who just want to prepare us for a life in weed. To be honest I do not understand how this place can exist legally, but upon discovery I immediately could not believe I had never heard about it before and thought it needed some more publicity!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be ME!

Like every other girl since the late nineteenth century, I have always wanted to embody that elegant and beautiful movie screen damsel. But the other day I sat there and I was me. Just me, and for once it was alright. For once I enjoyed the company.
So this is a final ode to my film favorites. Pretty much they are all fantastic and I have taken so much joy in all of their movies that I do believe they have helped me embody the hyper particular, earth loving, imaginative, baking, bus riding hippie that I am today :)

Rain rain go... nowhere! Stay!

Oh the rain. I love how it cleans up our dirty little city.
The fresh water covers the smog saturated air, it is like I can breathe again.
In and out. The skyscrapers as pristine as the wild mountains.

I especially enjoy listening to Fake Empire by The National during a good rain.
"Tiptoe through our shiny city
with our diamond slippers on
do our gay ballet on ice
bluebirds on our shoulders "
It makes my wet oxfords seem so much more appealing as I imagine each bead of water as a perfectly set diamond
and as i slip on my way to class I am merely doing a "gay ballet on ice"

I think that this song is lovely.
His deep voice seems to wrap around you and hold you still
even if it is only for a second.

Also, rain fashion.
I didn't know how great it could be until the wonderful Sartorialist opened my eyes to this wonderful little hooded coat.
This baby makes rain look good:)


Today team Stealth Hawk was under attack.
We lost two noble souls
but I like to think we were as tough as little Natalie in Léon

(fyi this game is amazing and we should play at home
everyone has murder assignments and you attack them when they are unsuspecting with water guns)


Preeeeesenting, Swedish photographer Erik Johansson:
[Who inspires him?; answer below]

answer: Salvador Dali, Renee Magritte, M.C. Escher, Rob Gonsalves

Monday, February 22, 2010

Derek Lam, Spring '10 RTW

Derek Lam, yo color pallette is off the chain.
Exhibit A:
the shoes! and the symmetry lines! ah! amazing!
Exhibit B:
again with the shoes!
(enlarged below)
Exhibit C:
sweet laces and asymmetry
Exhibit D:
mmm this color
Exhibit E
again with those black accent lines..
Exhibit F
cool, contrasty prints
Exhibit G
backstage flower-clad models
case closed.



Ciao i miei amici! I was just taking a gander at and I found this cool slideshow of current trends. It reminded me of the sartorialist! Here is the link:

molti baci!
ps... a trend that wasn't mentioned is ARMY green! I am obsessed and really want a cool army green coat! Is anyone feeling me?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Erin Wasson x RVCA Fall 2010

I saw this line at Opening Ceremony in LA and I was impressed by how chic and wearable it is. The line is pretty simple but the details really work for me, making these models effortlessly stylish. I think that cool belts are an underestimated accessory and I like how they tie into the rustic looking shoes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awkward subway donor?

I know it was bad, but I was having an awkward day and then it just seemed so perfect. There I was with my ear buds in my ears connected to a dead phone trying to walk at least two strides behind some of what would be uncomfortable encounters when I heard it. A raspy tarnished voice perfectly paired with a slightly out of tune guitar singing "I'm a creep. I'm a wierdo... I don't belong here..." Not like I feel that way in general, but at that exact moment in time that dirty street performer and I were the same. So I reached into my bag and the smallest bill I had was a 5, so I did it haha I gave him what could have been funds for a round trip downtown because he was singing just what I wanted to hear:) Thank you dirty fella and godlike Thom Yorke!

This video is spectacular because who could dispute against such an exemplary pair? Whenever I think of Mr. Depp I see a socially awkward outcast grilling grilled cheeses with an iron from the film Benny and Joon. Then when I think of Charlotte Gainsbourg I see her riding an electronic home made horse through Stephane's dreams in The science of sleep. Together they create my own personal film paradiso.
Also, who hasn't just bumped into some cutie, caught their fleeting glance and thought "this is it"? Plus everyone knows the second encounter is a clear sign of fate right? Even if it may be slightly premeditated on someone's behalf... hahaha

Blast From the Past

Albrecht Durer is one of the greatest artists from the Northern Renaissance. I know he has been dead for a while, but I just wanted to give him a little shout out because his detail and precision is AMAZING. Just take a second to look closely and appreciate all the tiny lines. One thing to also remember is that he probably did not have a rhino in front of him while drawing, so this rhino is totally from his head. Wow!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reminiscent on Valentines day

So I was just thinking about the "holiday" in general and the clear dichotomy of its followers. The lovers love who bask in the warmth of a day celebrating, what Aristophones would call, their other half, while those seemingly less fortunate curse this hateful multiple of supposedly lucky 7 that appears in the midst of each icy February. Because their jealous wanting of a hand to warm their own, Valentines day becomes a media driven monster to boost the economy that superficially forces people to put up the pretense of love and romance, and though this may have a bit more than a pinch of truth to it, what is wrong with that?

Like anything in life, relationships and love grow old, no less perfect and beautiful, but ordinary and expected. Their excitement seeps away and the hairs that would once raise up the curve of one's back at the mere sight of their other half now lay still. So even though they may forget to celebrate their love with romance on a regular bases why not have a little day to remind them? Be happy! Enjoy your love!

Also for those cursing being Valentines day losers, look around at the overly priced and cliche gifts and though they may be slightly superficial and superfluous they can still be good. They celebrate the altruism necessary in any relationship. They promote goodness and selflessness. I wish there was a title for everyday that would make people do that :)

Also since we have all recently hit up Plato for some love tips I thought a vid of Aristophanes's speech (my personal favorite, sorry Socrates) would be more than suiting at this point.

And I thought this one was a bit silly too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hallmark day

Don't let your head into your heart
Love because you love
Not because you are supposed to love today
Not because everybody else does

Love who you love
Not who you want to love
Not who you should love
Love who you actually do love

Love will be genuine
Not contrived in your head.

Grrr tiger grrr

Happy new year Chinatown style with a mix of flashy costumes, torrential downpour of glitter, and exotic and delicious food. Mmmm mmm good. I wish everyday was chinese new years!