Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awkward subway donor?

I know it was bad, but I was having an awkward day and then it just seemed so perfect. There I was with my ear buds in my ears connected to a dead phone trying to walk at least two strides behind some of what would be uncomfortable encounters when I heard it. A raspy tarnished voice perfectly paired with a slightly out of tune guitar singing "I'm a creep. I'm a wierdo... I don't belong here..." Not like I feel that way in general, but at that exact moment in time that dirty street performer and I were the same. So I reached into my bag and the smallest bill I had was a 5, so I did it haha I gave him what could have been funds for a round trip downtown because he was singing just what I wanted to hear:) Thank you dirty fella and godlike Thom Yorke!

This video is spectacular because who could dispute against such an exemplary pair? Whenever I think of Mr. Depp I see a socially awkward outcast grilling grilled cheeses with an iron from the film Benny and Joon. Then when I think of Charlotte Gainsbourg I see her riding an electronic home made horse through Stephane's dreams in The science of sleep. Together they create my own personal film paradiso.
Also, who hasn't just bumped into some cutie, caught their fleeting glance and thought "this is it"? Plus everyone knows the second encounter is a clear sign of fate right? Even if it may be slightly premeditated on someone's behalf... hahaha

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