Sunday, February 7, 2010

In lieu of Valentines day

As much as I try to hide it I'm a helpless romantic who will never be able to turn a cheek on a poppy girl singer singing about love. Amiliana Torrine is an absolutely lovely icelandic musician who is just that; poppy with love inspired lyrics. Also she is just too charming to deny. I watched her bit on KCRW Morning becomes eclectic (the greatest radio station ever, but recently being rivaled by itunes' Pig Radio) and she is so darling as she tells about cold winters in iceland when they would all keep busy and cozy by singing and making bands (another noteworthy one being Sigur Ros). Plus I do believe this song is so true cause when it happens there shouldn't be any denying it, only dancing, racing hearts and proclaiming "hey I'm in love" with one sweet lil look!

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