Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoke School

I know this is quite an erratic post but when I learned about this place I could not resist sharing it with you all.
With California's increasingly liberal approach on marijuana in both the medical and recreational uses, a legal industry has started to develop. Along with any industry one expects a higher education to improve their probability of success in that field, so as surprising or expected as it may be, a Cannabis College has started to take root in California. Only founded in 1998, they have shown immense growth in their student body. Most of whom appear just as the man above, ungroomed and zealous to help in the gardens!
They were founded by a group called Oaksterdam (a mix on Oakland and Amsterdam for obvious reasons) who just want to prepare us for a life in weed. To be honest I do not understand how this place can exist legally, but upon discovery I immediately could not believe I had never heard about it before and thought it needed some more publicity!

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