Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Speaking in the absence words

You know when someone is talking to you and you feel your chest sink in as though it is caving in on itself. It is as though you never knew you could hear something that could touch upon every feeling you ever felt. Or when you hear something and you can feel the pulsing of energy through your body as every hair stands on end. You can't move and you feel your hands shake, but you really don't even know why.
For some reason Explosions In The Sky does this to me. I can't explain it. Normally I'm a lyric driven lady but their slightly nostalgic and melancholy tone really gets me. I feel as though I know. I know what it is that they are saying and they don't even need to say it at all.

I hope they grab you as well. I know the video is blank, but I felt that the video was taking away from it. I feel like I love it so much because they are saying just what I want to hear and I don't want to twist it and hear it any other way.

Modeselektor also does an amazing job of being the puppeteer of my emotional doll with his "i love you." It is a very pleasant beat with light and poppy pitches that pick you right up. It fills me with this unique content feeling. Not excited or exhilarated, but pleasant and content. It is like a warm soup on a snowy day. It warms you through and through.


  1. Yes! Good call on the Modeselektor! If you like them then you should give Moderat a listen. It's a collaborative effort between Modeselektor and Aparat.