Saturday, February 13, 2010

Looking through the Attic

Great news-- I found my camera! And as I was looking though the pics of the my trip to New York over Turkey Day, I started to melt. I know Bergdorf''s holiday windows are old news but they still just hit me. These are more than just windows. They are another world. Maybe its the theme of Alice in Wonderland, but either way, their holiday windows never disappoint. Just take a moment to look at the details. All the intricate paper feathers on the birds, the scales on the lizard, the books in the background, the petals on the flowers around the border, the shell of the turtle, the way the page of the book pops out with a tiny table and chair... oh man I feel like I could go on forever! But seriously, that table with the elaborate chair and chandelier is so small, and probably most people don't even notice it in the grand scale of the window, but it is these details that make you love these windows. Once you do find them, you love them even more. They are truly a work of art, and a spectacular accomplishment. I am in love.

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