Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reminiscent on Valentines day

So I was just thinking about the "holiday" in general and the clear dichotomy of its followers. The lovers love who bask in the warmth of a day celebrating, what Aristophones would call, their other half, while those seemingly less fortunate curse this hateful multiple of supposedly lucky 7 that appears in the midst of each icy February. Because their jealous wanting of a hand to warm their own, Valentines day becomes a media driven monster to boost the economy that superficially forces people to put up the pretense of love and romance, and though this may have a bit more than a pinch of truth to it, what is wrong with that?

Like anything in life, relationships and love grow old, no less perfect and beautiful, but ordinary and expected. Their excitement seeps away and the hairs that would once raise up the curve of one's back at the mere sight of their other half now lay still. So even though they may forget to celebrate their love with romance on a regular bases why not have a little day to remind them? Be happy! Enjoy your love!

Also for those cursing being Valentines day losers, look around at the overly priced and cliche gifts and though they may be slightly superficial and superfluous they can still be good. They celebrate the altruism necessary in any relationship. They promote goodness and selflessness. I wish there was a title for everyday that would make people do that :)

Also since we have all recently hit up Plato for some love tips I thought a vid of Aristophanes's speech (my personal favorite, sorry Socrates) would be more than suiting at this point.

And I thought this one was a bit silly too.

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  1. AMEN! And why does valentines day have to be specifically about romantic love? Why can't it just be about love in general! Romantic love is great but we have the capacity for so much more love! The media has made valentines day national get laid day. This is sad. There is so much more to love than just the physical. The week around valentines day has the highest suicide rate of any week in the year. I think this is a very telling statistic that people totally miss the point of love. As a generation that is so focused on instant gratification, I think it is harder for most to invest time in deeper relationships. If we did, we would love more and be happier!