Sunday, February 7, 2010

Om nom nom Raw nom

So I made the yummiest and easiest meal the other day. Portobello Mushrooms. Need I say more? Oh soo delicious ( I would say "and nutritious" but who knows if our lil fungi friends are actually good for you). So basically I don't eat meat anymore. I'm sure you all can relate. I mean what even is that mystery meat that they throw out on our plates in the dining hall? As it sits in some goopy "marinade" I can't ever bring myself to actually put it on my plate... SO I need an easy swap, I would just cook meat but I'm just too scared to handle the beast precooked, so portobello mushrooms do the trick. Throw them in a marinade of soy sauce, sugar and olive oil( all easily steal-able from the dinning hall) over night and magic, delicious shroom steaks good on their own or as a lunch "meat"!

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