Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trees and Hands

I have a simple observation to share: trees and hands are quite similar. Trees have a base and grow outwards, getting nutrients and hydration from their soil foundation. Hands also need a foundation, our bodies, to survive. Our fingers are outstretched and multifunctional-they can create, can mend, can hurt, can destroy. I find it to be interestingly parallel that with the passage of time, hands wrinkle, and trees' horizontal rings multiply. Like skin, their bark coats, protects, and weathers with the seasons. A wooden epidermis to complement a complex inside. Sitting here, baking in fluorescent light in this goddamn cubicle, I feel separate from the outside. From beyond my window, I can catch a glimpse of the trees and half-hidden sun in the horizon of my campus, and I feel so detached from it. But then again, it's parallels like my knobby fingers to those blacken branches soaked in winter, that remind me just how natural and organic, how connected, how one, we are.

PS, it's the 30th day of January, and, coincidentally, the 30th post created for ourbittle! I dont know what that means, but woo!
PPS, the photo above was intended to be upside down.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold Weather Clothes

Is anyone finding it difficult to look cute everyday in 8 degree weather? At what point do we set aside fashion for warmth? Being a cold weather noob, I am finding it difficult to look cute and be warm consistently this winter. I am on the hunt for the perfect piece. Maybe, the answer to all my problems is a trench coat. The Sartorialist makes them look so appealing. All very classic, but extremely different. And that is what I think is the fun part--taking a classic piece and putting it with something that most people probably wouldn't do to make a masterpiece! At home, we could wear just about anything and not have to worry about the weather. Now, it is a bit more difficult as we have to cover ourselves up with a big jacket everyday, but I am up to the challenge!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Origami Accessories!

Sir Fred Butler (there isn't really a Sir, I just thought it had a nice ring to it) has really hit the spot for me. Its like she knows me and is forcing me to totally fall in love with her by mixing everything that I love and adore all in one!
Firstly, and most obviously, origami! Though I am not Japanese, I have spent too much time with too few asians and thus I'm having identity crisis. So this origami bit makes me feel more in touch with my confused holistic view on "my people."
Secondly everyone loves crazy accessories tossed in to highlight their own funky fashion.
Thirdly, she did it, achieved the ultimate high point for fashion. She stuck one foot in the fashion realm and the other in the art realm. These photos are fascinating and mystical. I absolutely love the contrast of the softened photo with the iridescent accessories.
And to my final point about my slightly eccentric attraction to Fred Butler is that who else could actually sport such unique attire other than the wonderfully unique musicians whom I hold so dear :) Patrick Wolf, Little Boots, and La Roux have all been spotted in Fred's designs.

Pringle of Scotland

I recently discovered Pringle of Scotland and I enjoy his clothing. Everything is clean, finished, super styley and still totally wearable. I love the backs on this dresses featured in this clip. They aren't totally backless, but they still give the viewer an elegant little sneak peak every now and then. I also find his add campaign most intriguing. I can't quite put my finger on it, but this video pulls me in. The lack of sound, other than those which are natural to her skittish movements, seem to leave you vulnerable and exposed. Also the images are all so picturesque and surreal. It is as thought she is in a real live fairy tale, one without heros or villains, one of self discovery and isolation. Tis a beauty :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lee Friedlander

Yesterday my photography teacher showed us some slides of various accomplished photographers. I really liked Lee Friedlander's work in particular...


Monday, January 25, 2010

Low back

Here I am, back to the freezing east coast, wishing I could wear a backless dress. I LOVE backless dresses! They are sexy while they still show a ton of skin but in a more tasteful way than taking a walk through the mountains of silicone valley. (Did anyone see Mariah Carey's dress at the golden globes? I thought it was disgusting... wayyyy to0 boobish, and the style critics agreed with me! So it is not just me being conservative. However, I am sure all the men in the world disagree with me.)
But back to the things that matter--Backless Dresses! This is a picture of Kate Hudson at the SAG awards. The front of the dress is gorgeous too because you can really see the silver applique. I think she looks stunning! And if you look closer she has jewelry on her back, not gaudy but just enough to add a little intrigue.

Hot Chip

Well everybody knows the every enjoyable Hot Chip with their catchy dancey lil tunes but I thought some of their festive videos could be fun (and possibly re-makable, we should do it). But yes, dance and be silly!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Style Crush: Dvf

I love prints. I love color. Therefore I love Diane von Furstenberg!
I've followed her collections over the past few years, and am a huge fan. Because her runway shows are always saturated with prints and crazy colors, some criticize her style as being too static. But I disagree--I find her designs to be dynamic, imaginative, and fluid. They're also consistently bold and fabulous! Part of what has made Dvf so successful is her talent in creating a broad range of prints, while maintaining cohesive collections that are distinctly Diane. To me this is admirable. Below are a few photos of my favorite looks from her Spring Resort '10 runway show. I find her costumey crayola-colored bows to be hugely instrumental in unifying the collection: they add splashes of color to each look, while also adding that special "aw" factor! (I'm a huge fan of any and all trends that are reminiscent of my childhood.)
What do ya think?

(side note: I think that these particular models are unhealthily skinny,
but I picked these photos to post based on designs themselves)


Happy Pie day!! In lo of this grand and all appreciated holiday I thought I should post our very first food post and mmm mmm mmm what is more important in life than food? I mean we need it. It is natural and undeniable, so lets freaking dominate it!
Plus, more than anything, there is nothing as pleasant as the smell of home made cookies wafting through the air, or as comforting as the cutting and dicing and kneading that goes into that smell, that smile, that taste that is so easy to share. Mmm yes, a small time chief would be the life.
But though cooking is great to do, sometimes it isn't so easy to just know through a divine epiphany what spices will make your meal pop or what ingredients will make your treat taste just right. So hello! Don't guess, use this modern thing called the computer to look up the ways to make treats oh so sweet that they cant be beat! And to do this, use! Cause all you could ever imagine and more is right there. This is God's gift to taste buds. Explore and enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

She & Him

Today my life was changed.
Thank you oh beloved Zooey Deschanel.

In a sentence, I love Zooey Deschanel. And meh, I suppose Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a decent accessory. They make a glorious duo in 500 Days of Summer and this little skit makes me very happy.

But back to my Zooey praise. She & Him is a masterpiece.

Her soothing voice reminds me of a 60's house wife. It has a perfect vintage accent to it that seem to match up absolutely flawlessly with her charming vintage style. I enjoy the simplicity of the music because it accentuates her semi-monotone yet elegant voice.
When I sing in the shower, I'm most certain that I sound exactly like her.

The xx

Today is dedicated to my new sweet, simplistic, gentle loves; The xx. They make me want to lay in the park with my head resting delicately on the slowly rising and falling chest of someone whispering sweet nothings in my ear as sunshine warms the soul. These new and inexperienced 20 year olds fresh out of London sport self created hair styles as they emotively sing of their uncontainable feelings of love and desire. It is so genuine and real that it seems they can only engage in hushed discourse as the strong bass seems to guide them along their uncertain path. I personally love their confident use of silence in their music. As ironic as that may seem, the silence makes me anxious for more! It is a bit more emotional than I am used to, but far too spectacular to deny!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay, I know I'm getting a bit gung-ho on the whole Coachella front, but who am I kidding? I am totally in love. It embodies all I could ever ask for; sunshine, a grassy field, summer attire, crazy people, cute boys and three solid days of dancing along to my favorite bands ever! Due to my obsession, I am going to go ahead and force you all to hear about all of the glorious bands in which will be gracing sunny lil Indio with their iconic presence.
But finally to my real point of this post, YEASAYER! They are a more technologically advanced, more organized, more refined Animal Collective who are artistic and unique only with less drugs... I am not saying that is better because everyone knows My Girls by Animal collective is like modern urban indian dream dancing gracefully upon deprived eardrums, but sometimes they are a bit too experimental for me and Yeasayer is the perfect cure. Also I've become quite the pushover in constant fear of the seemingly impossible task of growing up and being ready to face the "real world" so good ol' Yeasayer is speaking to me. I've got to stick up for myself, never mind what anyone else done!


Yes I am one of those blind, deaf, dumb people who ignorantly judged Jay-Z off of his arrogant, cut throat, wannabe gangstaaaa appearance. But I am more than willing to report my wrongs. I've been trying to be more open minded and as I opened my ears I realized that he actually had something to say beyond all stereotypes. There was more than cars, bitches and crews. In fact he has an amazing melodic touch to every song. I may be a bit bias due to my love of his recently released Empire State of Mind that perfectly glorifies my recent move to the one and only New York City, but I also found other ways to ease myself into a Jay-Z state of mind. If you're not a day to day rap listener I can relate to the daunting task of facing a rap God like Jay-Z so I do recommend a Ratatat created melody with Jay-Z as their guest singer called Glock Nine. For all of you modern indie electro lovers, Ratatat lays down another one of their beautifully simplistic beats as Jay-Z rolls smoothly over it. And as my last Jay-Z recommendation for the new comers is give a lil listen to Feelin' it. It opens with a jazzy little piano intro that helps to create a classy poetic aura around Jay-Z's masculine voice.

Coachella, change your life good.

Indio, a blazing and fiery little slice of heaven that each and every person who has any sort of desire to enjoy life at all should attend. This festival, a response to the '99 Woodstock riots, embodies the most modern movements in music, and is therefore total bliss. When people groan about being born too late to enjoy the marvels of the glorious 1969 Woodstock, they are going to face a really groaner if they miss the 2010 Coachella.
If I do say so myself, this is the best line up I've ever seen. Not a single day can be ignored. Every headliner is spectacular and even the small fine print bands are more than just titillating to the ear drums, they are future headliners themselves. If I could make a recommendation, start from the top. Pick one band a day and it up all day until you have completed the whole line up. I do believe that would be a most rewarding task. In fact I think I'll do it :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rio de Janeiro

I want to go to Rio de Janeiro. If anyone has been looking at The Sartorialist or Garance Dore, it looks AMAZING. Honestly, Brazil in general has been calling my name. Maybe it's time to pick up a copy of Portuguese for Dummies at the bookstore.

Friday, January 15, 2010

rabbits, and birds, and humans, oh my!

Kate MacDowell. Is. Rad.
I stumbledupon (dot com; its amazing!) Kate MacDowell, and fell in love instantly with her ceramic art creations. The fragile relationship she discovers between beauty and tragedy in the natural world is quite Georgia O'Keefe-esque, eh? Themes explored include life, death, and decay. She explains, "I'm trying to remind myself, and others, of feelings many of us had as children hunkered down on our bellies with the grass growing tall above our heads, pondering the world of the ants and inch-worms, or caught up in the tragedy of a dead sparrow on the sidewalk." Interestingly enough, she is inspired by figurative language and prefers to write her ideas in a sketchbook instead of to draw them. I love the way that the textures of bone, muscle, and skin come out in ceramic form. Genius! Each piece is created by hand, and done so delicately! For a more complete look at her work: {click here}

Noteworthy pieces: rabbit with exposed insides (seen above), human fetus in bird nest, arm turned to flowers.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lanvin Spring 2009

Normally, I am obsessed with Lanvin but, I must say that his spring line lacked creativity. It was too similar to his past collections and I was underwhelmed while clicking through the slides. One thing I did find peculiar was all the black. Is that normal? However, I must say I do like this jumpsuit. I know I just bagged on the black but think this is really cool. I don't know where I would wear it in my lifestyle, but I want to! Maybe I'll wear it in the fall.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Battle

The strokes are mine or yours
To paint, create, embellish, relate
“Normalcy” is gone
Imagination begins.

It starts out small
A tiny creature
With food it grows
Mama tries to feed it.

The world works against it.
Pages of fantasy provide
a tasty meal. But just one taste
Or the checklist will scream.

Deadlines and demands are demons
They rear their ugly head and
Snap rugged fangs at creativity
Tearing it down, it cannot grow.

Short breaths, no air.
Weak bones, no food.
What is my disease?
Where is my cure?

It is not depression, but
Deprivation. No one can
Survive on mere facts alone
Homo Sapiens need imagination.

But they do not demand or crave.
It sits in a box under the bed.
Rattling, shaking, crying
I pretend not to hear.

The key turns, a world breaks
Loose. Imagination draws
Its sword, but it’s weak
It demands my full support.

Now I must choose the side
To feed. It is safe to ignore
My imagination.
Work prefers rules.

The routine is painful.
Why suffer at work’s expense?
So, I let It out. I give It a meal.
I lose myself in my imagination.

Pages create paintbrushes in my
Head. Wondrous scenes projected.
They leave me no choice. I cannot
Stop, I am powerless.

This ravenous beast. One plate,
One chapter, now I am gone.
For seven hundred pages
I do not come back.

Wizards and witches cast a
Spell on me, on my time.
My brain brews, bubbles, explores.
Enraptured in a second universe.

The tangible world calls,
Asks, beckons. I hide
Behind a tree, in a bathtub
Now my no one can demand of me.

There is no time to feed
Tasks and checklists
Neglected and foreign
I am partially starved.

I am not healthy
One lives and one dies.
Why must they live so

I have created the enemies
Inside me. I have turned the
“shoulds” against the “ables.”
And I have paid the price.

The “shoulds” are useless
They weigh and tear at
Time. Bearers of stress
Enemies of possibilities.

Facts and tasks are not “shoulds.”
They can easily transform.
I let them transform.
But they are not “shoulds.”

The dichotomy is strange.
Why separate Imagination
From daily routine when they
Are able to live harmoniously?

I can sweep the floor
And dance with a prince.
I can walk to class
And paint the road.

Imagination is my pet.
I can groom it to perfection
Or I can neglect it
But it must be fed.

There is possibility and
Creativity in my ability.
Stress created the war and
Imagination will end it.

This is how I felt last semester. I was struggling between deadlines and duties and a craving to free up and create. I think that's all a part of college though. Finding the right balance. This poem helped me do that. I have grown fond of writing poetry because it seems as though I am more likely to say how I feel. My thoughts come in little spurts, instead of constructed sentences, and poems can be a rearrangement of those little spurts. This way, I can cut out all the fluff and just say how I feel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"The Third & The Seventh" by Alex Roman

be prepared to be amazed. this video was made with CG animation (the same technology used in the creation of Avatar). the footage is 100% computer generated. okay, watch it full screen and wait for it to fully load before watching it. enjoy!

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


Monday, January 11, 2010

room o' windows

i want to teleport here! how amazing is this room?! i love its prism-like structure, and how the furniture/decor looks oh-so-au naturale. if only i could visit this cool-beyond-cool room.

(i have a problem with hyphens-i like dem a lot)

A bit romantic

"Say I'm a bird!"

This movie revitalizes all of my convoluted and cynical outlooks on romanticism. It's so corky and unique. It's so awkward. It's so real. Miranda is plagued by all of the typical crush symptoms; the stalker-esque tendencies, the uncertain glances and the constant over thinking of every last movement she makes. Me and You and Everyone we Know actually portrays a romantic situation that isn't perfect or conventional. In fact it is entirely unconventional and they are just weirdos just like me and you and in that matter, everyone else we know (yes, I did just try to make a funny).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paradise found!

Quickly after my return from a recent trip to the Bahamas, I found myself googling various tropical fish and becoming increasingly inspired by their colors, patterns, and contours. Many doodles later, I found myself on looking at some pretty amazing runway collections for Spring 2010. In the wake of a grim 2009, and after a sequin and fur-filled New Years, it seems like Spring runway shows are becoming some sort of expression for the "out with the old, in with the new" idea. In other words, I think that things are freshening up. Maybe Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler went on a excursion to the Bahamas, or maybe I'm a bit off the boat on this one, but I'm sensing a tropical vibe to the Proenza Shouler Spring 2010 RTW Collection.

See what I mean? The cerulean blue, canary yellow, and electric green, not to mention black striping pattern makes for such a brilliant combination!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Philip Lim 3.1 Spring '10 RTW

Right now I am obsessed with Philip Lim's spring line.

1. If you look closer this dress is a magical soup of detail. It is so fresh and so spring spring! This dress makes me think of a walk through the forest when there is still a fresh morning dew and all the flowers are breathing. All the earthy neutral tones are so lush and calming and then the bright strip of green reminds us that spring has sprung! Hooray for seasons! Don't ask me why this dress reminds me of fresh morning dew because there are huge rhinestones on it. But, I can't help what I think! I do absolutely love the rhinestones. It's almost like a tree nymph wearing her diamond encrusted breastplate into battle. The loose fitting skirt makes it easy for her to escape. Whoa sorry for the tangent, back to reality. All I am saying is that if I saw this girl walking down the street I would be very tempted to steal her dress. Not to mention the shoes too!

2. I have an odd obsession with grey cashmere sweaters. I don't understand why, and you would think they would bore me by now but I am still madly in love with them. Every time I see one, I want it, and I want it badly. Sorry for the continued forrest imagery, but it is almost like I have stumbled across a serene lake in the forest. There is not a ripple in sight on the beautiful glassy surface. So naturally, what do I want to do? Jump in! Every time I see a grey cashmere sweater, I just want to jump in. No matter what my mood is to dress like that day, I am always in the mood for my favorite grey cashmere sweater. So, Dear Mr. Lim, I am very happy you put a cool grey cashmere sweater in your spring line. Sincerely, Carly Cotton

What I really wanted to note, was the baggy grey slacks. I think they are neat.

3. Cover the green shorts with your hand and just look at the cute cropped button down. This is unlike anything I have liked in the past, but I am totally drawn to it. Maybe it is the fact that it is cropped and the sleeves are big. I don't really know, I just like it.

4. I don't think this dress needs explanation. It is slouchy and baggy with floppy sleeves in such a casual manner, but then its sequined! It is the perfect marriage of casual and party. Not to mention that the color of sequins are so perfect! They are not shinny and not too dull. This marriage is going to last awhile!

5. Again, I am professing my love for cropped tops and baggy bottoms. Also, I love the earthy tones. So casually cool.

6. I am down with the button down. It's working for me. And the shorts! I like them better than 5. because they are more tailored. As for the jewelry, the bib is back, and I am ready for it. Let us all be inspired to chunkify our neckline!

7. Blazers are big right now. But in my opinion, a sequined slouchy blazer should be revered. Wearing this blazer would be like saying, "ya, I know the trend, but I am going to take it one step further and make your blazer look like it needs a doctor's appt... what now?" Again, he makes it fit for a party, but the slouchy casualness of the jacket makes it way hip. Also, I loved the rolled up sleeves. Making them long might send too much of an 80s vibe. Since I am already bowing down to this jacket, might as well tip my head to the adorable booties. They hit her ankle at the perfect length and add just the right amount of edge to spring.

Sorry for the rambling, but I just felt that I had to get this off my chest before I could move on!

Friday, January 8, 2010


(from L to R: marc jacobs spring '10 runway, vintage lingerie, tim walker photography)

what's on my minds

materials: cashmere, velvet, crochet, black lace
things: maps/compasses/ships, insects, origami, tropical fish, jellyfish, molecular biology, Boston architecture, forks/spoons/knives, native american culture
clothes articles: turban-inspired headbands, vintage lingerie, knee socks, faux fur coats, leather gloves, suspender skirts, rompers (always!)
make-up: thick cateye eyeliner; bright pink lipstick
tunes: "the day i died" - just jack, "oh no" - andrew bird, "run on" - moby, "lost cause" - beck, "i want you D.A.N.C.E." - jackson 5 vs justice, "build me up" - rhymefest ft. O.D.B., "cecilia" - the beelzebubs (tufts a capella boys!), "your wildest dreams" - moody blues
photographers: tim walker, juergen teller, olivia locher, tim davis
words: whimsical, nostalgia, kismet, gloss, skin, wanderlust, serendipity, juxtaposition, dynamism, violescent
obsessed: ferrero rochers, nylon magazine, facebook, marc jacobs
scary cool: maison margiela's faux hair dresses, avatar, jayma mays in "glee"
just plain scary: alexander mcqueen's claw shoes (spring '10, RTW), the economy, victoria beckham in general
fascinated with: tavi, the style rookie; ellen van dusen for "dusen, dusen"
skills i want to hone: piano-playing, dancing, being bilingual, being a better listener, being a little less scatter-brained
dream travels: israel, india, amsterdam, tokyo, greece isles, italy, africa safari, australia outback

(i clearly like making lists)
(i also clearly need an outlet for my thoughts)

Lula scrap art

mmm... I thought that this was especially nice. I don't know why, but I like how it draws your eyes from what looks to me to be an Oz like city through it's chaotic pollution of smoke that drifts in a heavy mass to a vibrant red fungus covered dog heaven. This leaves but one route back to home that Odysseus himself would shudder at. Either through the hollows of a long lost saber tooth tiger or off the tips of a dagger sharp cave down to the gentle crane to swoop sweetly home upon its back.
And clearly that is what is being depicted in this picture haha but I really do like the the delicate contour lines and the sporadic use of color. I wanna make this.


This is by far the most amazing magazine known to man. It's perfect for all the girls who love to dream and all the dreams that love girls. The photography is smoky and illusory and the fashion is what I want my closet to look like. If only I could put on a Chloe frock and drift away to dreamland...

The biggest bummer about Lula is that it only comes out in November and February. To prevent going through withdrawals, I have scoured every last link on the website and I recommend everyone do the same. It's just that good. Make sure you visit the lula scrapbook because there are some cool pics and interesting videos. Also, somewhere on the website is a video with Mirandajoy-- Sono molto figo! Now I am just talking to much about it when really I want you to go see for yourself!

Ps. February is only a month away-- hooray!


Miranda July is God. Really. haha but really, everything she does is amazing and totally unique to herself. I lovelovelove her stuff and EVERYONE must see You Me and Everyone We Know! If I could, yes i do believe, I'd most definitely be Miss. July in this particular flick.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Ourbittle

Welcome to OurBittle!

OurBittle describes our little bit of the universe. We are three best friends throwing in our three bits on everything we love: food, fashion, fmusic, and fart (we really meant art but we wanted the alliteration). This blog is our creative outlet amongst our crazy college experience.