Saturday, January 9, 2010

Philip Lim 3.1 Spring '10 RTW

Right now I am obsessed with Philip Lim's spring line.

1. If you look closer this dress is a magical soup of detail. It is so fresh and so spring spring! This dress makes me think of a walk through the forest when there is still a fresh morning dew and all the flowers are breathing. All the earthy neutral tones are so lush and calming and then the bright strip of green reminds us that spring has sprung! Hooray for seasons! Don't ask me why this dress reminds me of fresh morning dew because there are huge rhinestones on it. But, I can't help what I think! I do absolutely love the rhinestones. It's almost like a tree nymph wearing her diamond encrusted breastplate into battle. The loose fitting skirt makes it easy for her to escape. Whoa sorry for the tangent, back to reality. All I am saying is that if I saw this girl walking down the street I would be very tempted to steal her dress. Not to mention the shoes too!

2. I have an odd obsession with grey cashmere sweaters. I don't understand why, and you would think they would bore me by now but I am still madly in love with them. Every time I see one, I want it, and I want it badly. Sorry for the continued forrest imagery, but it is almost like I have stumbled across a serene lake in the forest. There is not a ripple in sight on the beautiful glassy surface. So naturally, what do I want to do? Jump in! Every time I see a grey cashmere sweater, I just want to jump in. No matter what my mood is to dress like that day, I am always in the mood for my favorite grey cashmere sweater. So, Dear Mr. Lim, I am very happy you put a cool grey cashmere sweater in your spring line. Sincerely, Carly Cotton

What I really wanted to note, was the baggy grey slacks. I think they are neat.

3. Cover the green shorts with your hand and just look at the cute cropped button down. This is unlike anything I have liked in the past, but I am totally drawn to it. Maybe it is the fact that it is cropped and the sleeves are big. I don't really know, I just like it.

4. I don't think this dress needs explanation. It is slouchy and baggy with floppy sleeves in such a casual manner, but then its sequined! It is the perfect marriage of casual and party. Not to mention that the color of sequins are so perfect! They are not shinny and not too dull. This marriage is going to last awhile!

5. Again, I am professing my love for cropped tops and baggy bottoms. Also, I love the earthy tones. So casually cool.

6. I am down with the button down. It's working for me. And the shorts! I like them better than 5. because they are more tailored. As for the jewelry, the bib is back, and I am ready for it. Let us all be inspired to chunkify our neckline!

7. Blazers are big right now. But in my opinion, a sequined slouchy blazer should be revered. Wearing this blazer would be like saying, "ya, I know the trend, but I am going to take it one step further and make your blazer look like it needs a doctor's appt... what now?" Again, he makes it fit for a party, but the slouchy casualness of the jacket makes it way hip. Also, I loved the rolled up sleeves. Making them long might send too much of an 80s vibe. Since I am already bowing down to this jacket, might as well tip my head to the adorable booties. They hit her ankle at the perfect length and add just the right amount of edge to spring.

Sorry for the rambling, but I just felt that I had to get this off my chest before I could move on!

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