Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coachella, change your life good.

Indio, a blazing and fiery little slice of heaven that each and every person who has any sort of desire to enjoy life at all should attend. This festival, a response to the '99 Woodstock riots, embodies the most modern movements in music, and is therefore total bliss. When people groan about being born too late to enjoy the marvels of the glorious 1969 Woodstock, they are going to face a really groaner if they miss the 2010 Coachella.
If I do say so myself, this is the best line up I've ever seen. Not a single day can be ignored. Every headliner is spectacular and even the small fine print bands are more than just titillating to the ear drums, they are future headliners themselves. If I could make a recommendation, start from the top. Pick one band a day and it up all day until you have completed the whole line up. I do believe that would be a most rewarding task. In fact I think I'll do it :)

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