Saturday, January 23, 2010


Happy Pie day!! In lo of this grand and all appreciated holiday I thought I should post our very first food post and mmm mmm mmm what is more important in life than food? I mean we need it. It is natural and undeniable, so lets freaking dominate it!
Plus, more than anything, there is nothing as pleasant as the smell of home made cookies wafting through the air, or as comforting as the cutting and dicing and kneading that goes into that smell, that smile, that taste that is so easy to share. Mmm yes, a small time chief would be the life.
But though cooking is great to do, sometimes it isn't so easy to just know through a divine epiphany what spices will make your meal pop or what ingredients will make your treat taste just right. So hello! Don't guess, use this modern thing called the computer to look up the ways to make treats oh so sweet that they cant be beat! And to do this, use! Cause all you could ever imagine and more is right there. This is God's gift to taste buds. Explore and enjoy!

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