Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Origami Accessories!

Sir Fred Butler (there isn't really a Sir, I just thought it had a nice ring to it) has really hit the spot for me. Its like she knows me and is forcing me to totally fall in love with her by mixing everything that I love and adore all in one!
Firstly, and most obviously, origami! Though I am not Japanese, I have spent too much time with too few asians and thus I'm having identity crisis. So this origami bit makes me feel more in touch with my confused holistic view on "my people."
Secondly everyone loves crazy accessories tossed in to highlight their own funky fashion.
Thirdly, she did it, achieved the ultimate high point for fashion. She stuck one foot in the fashion realm and the other in the art realm. These photos are fascinating and mystical. I absolutely love the contrast of the softened photo with the iridescent accessories.
And to my final point about my slightly eccentric attraction to Fred Butler is that who else could actually sport such unique attire other than the wonderfully unique musicians whom I hold so dear :) Patrick Wolf, Little Boots, and La Roux have all been spotted in Fred's designs.

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