Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes I am one of those blind, deaf, dumb people who ignorantly judged Jay-Z off of his arrogant, cut throat, wannabe gangstaaaa appearance. But I am more than willing to report my wrongs. I've been trying to be more open minded and as I opened my ears I realized that he actually had something to say beyond all stereotypes. There was more than cars, bitches and crews. In fact he has an amazing melodic touch to every song. I may be a bit bias due to my love of his recently released Empire State of Mind that perfectly glorifies my recent move to the one and only New York City, but I also found other ways to ease myself into a Jay-Z state of mind. If you're not a day to day rap listener I can relate to the daunting task of facing a rap God like Jay-Z so I do recommend a Ratatat created melody with Jay-Z as their guest singer called Glock Nine. For all of you modern indie electro lovers, Ratatat lays down another one of their beautifully simplistic beats as Jay-Z rolls smoothly over it. And as my last Jay-Z recommendation for the new comers is give a lil listen to Feelin' it. It opens with a jazzy little piano intro that helps to create a classy poetic aura around Jay-Z's masculine voice.

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