Monday, January 25, 2010

Low back

Here I am, back to the freezing east coast, wishing I could wear a backless dress. I LOVE backless dresses! They are sexy while they still show a ton of skin but in a more tasteful way than taking a walk through the mountains of silicone valley. (Did anyone see Mariah Carey's dress at the golden globes? I thought it was disgusting... wayyyy to0 boobish, and the style critics agreed with me! So it is not just me being conservative. However, I am sure all the men in the world disagree with me.)
But back to the things that matter--Backless Dresses! This is a picture of Kate Hudson at the SAG awards. The front of the dress is gorgeous too because you can really see the silver applique. I think she looks stunning! And if you look closer she has jewelry on her back, not gaudy but just enough to add a little intrigue.

1 comment:

  1. I think Kate Hudson is a sexy beast and I want to be here. But I agree that the backless dress is the most tasteful way to be sexy.