Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay, I know I'm getting a bit gung-ho on the whole Coachella front, but who am I kidding? I am totally in love. It embodies all I could ever ask for; sunshine, a grassy field, summer attire, crazy people, cute boys and three solid days of dancing along to my favorite bands ever! Due to my obsession, I am going to go ahead and force you all to hear about all of the glorious bands in which will be gracing sunny lil Indio with their iconic presence.
But finally to my real point of this post, YEASAYER! They are a more technologically advanced, more organized, more refined Animal Collective who are artistic and unique only with less drugs... I am not saying that is better because everyone knows My Girls by Animal collective is like modern urban indian dream dancing gracefully upon deprived eardrums, but sometimes they are a bit too experimental for me and Yeasayer is the perfect cure. Also I've become quite the pushover in constant fear of the seemingly impossible task of growing up and being ready to face the "real world" so good ol' Yeasayer is speaking to me. I've got to stick up for myself, never mind what anyone else done!

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