Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Work of Art"

I don't think we've ever blogged about a TV show, but "Work of Art" is about art (duh), so it's relevant! It is like every other annoying reality show, but it focuses on art as a means of competition.. making it a little more interesting. There is the same breed of lame judges, the constantly dramatic time constraints, some random celeb affiliation (Sarah Jessica Parker in this case), and the ever-present line, "pack your (insert relevant tool name), you're going home." Sooooo, I just fast forward through the bulllsh** to watch the scenes showing the artists' creative processes and final products. The photos below are my favorite pieces from the first 3 episodes.. (It's kinda like sparknotes for TV)

Episode 1: Portraits
Abdi's portrait of Ryan
Miles's portrait of Nao
Jamie Lynn's portrait of Amanda
Episode 2: Appliance Junkyard --> conceptual sculptures
Abdi, "Tube"
Mark, "Dia de los Televisiones"
Episode 3: Book Cover Art
Mark, Dracula
John, The Time Machine
favorite artists thus far: Abdi, Mark, Miles, John

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