Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love...

I love painting my nails with paint I used in first grade.

I love dancing in my car in traffic.

I love biking with headphones in... and singing out-loud all the while.

I love "hello i love you" texts.

I love catching eyes with a stranger when both people smile.

I love feeling the wind's resistance on my palm as I dangle it out the car window.

I love finding old notes from friends.

I love getting nervous about holding hands.

I love your hand in mine.

I love getting paint all over my arms and clothes.

I love bickering with love smothering each jab.

I love seeing people who love to see me.

I love watching kid's leap over cracks as though they are giant crevasses into the Earth's core.

I love watching you watch me as though neither of us can see the other.

I love cliche indie pop love songs, cause all is full of love.

I love peddling so hard that my heart bursts.

I love friendly strangers that you will never see again.

I love running into people I never think about but love.

I love to love.

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