Friday, April 2, 2010

Andreas Gursky

As my middle school self would tell you: artislife2me.
At least my cyberly-AIM-screen-name self would tell you that.
(And yes, I thought it was cool.)
So I decided what I think art really is (beyond the physical mediums it's condensed to).
My definition of art: art (n.): the process by which one discovers, collects, rearranges, and exchanges ideas. What's your definition of art?



  1. that first photograph is absolutely stunning
    art is so hard to define. that's basically what went on during the early 1900s -- artists went on personal endeavors to figure out what art was, and tried to scrape at every corner of opportunity that could possibly be considered art. look at duchamp -- he turned a urinal upside down and called it art
    personally, i think art requires direct creation from the artist, besides that, i don't know, i'm rambling on a stranger's blog and i'll stop now haha

  2. i agree with you about the scrape-age for art in the 1990's. i also feel like malevich's "black square" could easily be placed with duchamp's fountain in the "is this art?" category, but he worked in the early 1900's.. i think there is something to say about art work that can be both beautiful in form and still represent a particular idea without explanation. thanks for your rambling! :)