Wednesday, April 21, 2010


During my most recent assessment of me I could not help but admit it. It is true. I am not me. I am you. I am everyone. I have joined to the realm of typical. The realm of cliche.
First year pre-med, freshman 15, toga party, identity crisis, make "friends", find your soul mates, lose your wallet, over spend, frat parties ...
And to complete my tirades I thought I'd throw in my quick bit of teenage angst since I seem to have jumped right over that until now.
I thought I'd start with some tune-age to set the mood and I've been on a sweet Misfits kick

(Sorry I just feel like I'm approaching that point in my life where it is no longer okay to be a self centered brat so I thought I should enjoy it while I got it!)


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  2. dearest erica,
    i think you'll always be a misfit no matter how cliche you feel. (this is a compliment)
    much love,

    ps, such a sick drawing!