Friday, April 23, 2010

California sun how i miss your SF loveliness!

Hello Morning Benders! I love your modern vintage sound.
I am quite keen on all of the depth that their music has when they recorded echos with approximately 100 billion people in the studio. It also makes them seem so fun and playful, as though they are just messin around with todos los amigos and making something great. Perhaps I'm bias though because I only like music and movies that make me feel silly and happy after. I've also recently started judging the music on its irresistible dance test. I know it is good when I simply must give a little sway and twirl in the elevator because i just can't wait till I get to my room. The twirl is worth the risk of the elevator door opening to an unexpecting upward traveler.
I also greatly enjoyed this video they posted on their blog tehehe

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