Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My latest On-the-Go playlists are totally saturated with Maria Taylor's songs, so I thought a post dedicated to her would be suiting. "Song Beneath a Song" in particular is quite versatile in that it can complement most any mood I am in. The title itself connotes a certain multi-layeredness and depth. I listen to it, and I'm content. Satisfied. But how random is this video? Geishas sword fighting with parasols? Chasing each other then falling? Really now? Bizarre. It gave me a good chuckle though. Hope it gave you one too! ( It may sound familiar to you from Grey's Anatomy. )other Maria favorites:
And yes, music freaks, 11:11 is an old album, very old actually (circa 2005), but that doesn't take away from its splendidness!
And plus, I'm just discovering it now (I'm perpetually lagging in music trends.)


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