Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ingrid, the way she is

Last week I saw Ingrid Michaelson play at the Somerville Theater. I have to say, I didn't have super high expectations for her. Yeah "The Way I Am" is nice, and so is (my favorite) "Morning Lullabies," but they're simple songs. I pictured her sitting passively while strumming a few of her most famous songs: a pleasant but mellow show. To say that she exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. First, Ingrid is hilarious. Her humor is probably most comparable to Tina Fey's. She went from singing B. Spears' "Toxic" in "Popra" (a silly genre she coined--think pop + opera), to imitating Mat Kearney (who she's playing with on the 18th at Boston's HOB), to rapping the theme song from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," to discussing the girls vs. boys rivalry on her band's bus. She was so unedited, goofy, and spontaneous that she instantly connected with her audience. Mid-show she even decided to have her 5-man band all switch places- her bassist imitating her vocals, while she, quite impressively, took on the drums! She's so musically talented and charming that she can pull off this silly sort of show. Just some nerdy girl who likes to play her lil ukulele, sing, and talk in accents. What's not to love? Oh, almost forgot! Greg Laswell, her opening act, was pretty swell himself!


ps, go listen to "You and I"

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