Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Past the line?

MIA has and always does love to be the newest and most extreme musician to date. She is more of an artist. She is a pacifist. She uses hyperbolic violence as a means to end violence. In her newest video "Born Free" she illuminates the absurdity of the genocides that so much of the world is so willing to just turn their cheek to. But for once those being herded to be slaughtered are young, fit Caucasian boys. These military men slaughter these innocent boys for no reason while they are running for their lives. It is as though they are slaughtering... slaughtering dead children, cause there is really nothing as horrific than what it actually is to compare it to.

Or, is this just an attempt to maintain her image, her unique individuality? She is forced to compete with copy cat artists like Rihanna and maybe these absurd use of violence was her attempt to break free from a pop artist like rihanna or lady gaga?

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